Ayurvedic system of medicine is 5000 years old traditional system of medicine. Now a days people prefer Ayurvedic medicines over allopathic /western medicines as they have no side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are based on plants extract and minerals that are natural in origin.

KUDOS means glory & KUDOS LABORATORIES INDIA has a mission to glorify Ayurveda. We are an indigenous company with own industrial units which manufactures pure quality & scientifically developed herbal products.

Kudos, with over 100 years of expertise in natural products, has understood the unique aspect of Ayurvedic formulations, they enliven the inner intelligence, the organising principle of the mind and body to maintain good health. Thus we understand that Ayurveda is always promoting the healthy mind and body rather than removing illness.


KUDOS is an 100 years old organization running from last four generations. Company founder was a renowned practitioner who used to diagnose by pulse sensation. He passed his knowledge to his Son who was the personal Physician to the Indian President Dr. Rajender Prasad. These secret formulations that were tried and tested on lakhs of patients were further passed on to the present Generation who have an ambition to Glorify Ayurevda all over the World and have established Kudos Laboratories India and Kudos Ayurveda.

KUDOS Laboratories India, having G.M.P & ISO Certifications, is enganged in marketing, manufacturing and exports of the widest range of Ayurvedic / Herbal products and range of Cosmetics. The sanctity of the original formulations is preserved while developing them with modern techniques at Kudos. We manufacture products that have curative and preventive action while treating acute as well as chronic ailments.

Our state of the art manufacturing unit is located at Shoghi, near Simla in Himachal Pradesh. The location is amidst Mountains and Valleys surrounded by dense trees and flowing natural spring water, IN THE LAP OF NATURE, virtually free from pollution hazards. The nature friendly environment ensures finished products of the highest quality and efficacy.

Our relentless pursuit for excellence in research and development at Kudos Laboratories India has enabled us to provide new Supplements and new cures with a phenomenal success rate particularly in diseases like:- Cardiac Care, Diabetes, Respiratory disorders, Joint Pain, Gynae Disorders, Liver Disorder, Obesity, Skin, Ophthalmic, Sex Problem and even in Cancer & many other. Our product portfolio consists of more than 400 Exclusive Ayurvedic formulations with remarkable curative and preventive actions.

Today over 15,000 Doctors endorse our products across the Globe in pursuit of our commitment to persevere wellbeing of Mankind. We are promoting the exports of our products to other countries as well, so that we can serve not only to ailing humanity but also help people to remain healthier, disease free, stress free and help people ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

Ayurveda, is a holistic approach for health as well as beauty care. Kudos, with an expertise of over 100 years in herbal medicines, had been undertaking research with trained Ayurvedic Physician in developing skin care and hair care products.

With years of research and development, Kudos evolved purifying, nourishing, cleansing, anti-aging, moisturising and beauty enhancing formulations derived from plant and fruit extracts, flowers and vegetable oils, pure essential oils, that provide complete skin care treatments.

Cosmetics Manufactured by Kudos are Ayurvedic treatments that are highly beneficial. The exotic ingredients, sensuous textures and scents make for a unique gratifying multi-sensory experience.

At Kudos we manufacture wide range of cosmetics for day to day use like:- Soaps, Shampoo, Lotions, Creams, Sun Screen, Hair oil, Moisturisers, etc. We are also engaged in manufacturing parlor range of cosmetics as well as color cosmetics.